The year was 2015, and it was for a women’s luncheon that Adrian Winfrey made her first balloon centerpieces that had to be taped to the table because they blew off every time the air conditioning came on. Fast forward to today, and she is now the Owner and Principle Designer of Captivating Balloons. The name Captivating Balloons is synonymous with the best of balloon décor in the Memphis tri-state area and the ultimate in all aspects of balloon artistry. Adrian has built a brand and a team that encompasses quality, creativity, and consistency.

The Captivating Balloons Team brings a new level of innovative and inspirational balloon decor to both small and large scale social and corporate events that transforms spaces, makes beautiful memories, and a lasting impression on your guests. Our team receives annual training from industry leaders from around the world that affords us the ability to create award winning décor, and we want to create that especially for you. Whether it is a child’s first birthday, a baby shower, a nonprofit fundraiser, a corporate gala, or whatever you celebrate, we welcome the opportunity to create amazing décor that brings your vision to life.

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